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The Play of Sun and Shadow

This is a memoir based on journals I have kept for over forty years from my early twenties to my early sixties. It’s about my maturation and spiritual awakening, a mutually reinforcing dynamic. It’s a whoami as opposed to a whodunit.

Throughout the memoir I have attempted to include enough of my life story to create dimension by including everyday pleasures and pains, thrills and spills, along with significant detours, dead ends, roundabouts, and rest-stops. Various themes are developed and how they evolved and/or devolved. Thus, this story is best read from beginning to end.

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About the Author

Hi! My name is Brian Esmond. I knew thirty-five years ago I was going to write this memoir, The Play of Sun and Shadow, based on journals I was keeping at the time. I thought I’d publish something in my forties. However, life got in the way so to speak and I just kept journaling. During a period of unemployment in my fifties, I wrote my first draft. Well, I’m sixty-seven and finally finished!

I was a school teacher for ten years and then worked as a salesman for various publishers in the public and academic library market until I retired a few years ago. I am twice divorced and the grandfather of a darling girl. I am nothing special. On occasion I am an opinionated know-it-all who is crude and clumsy. However, in my favor, I am a spiritual-but-not-religious practitioner, a liberal Democrat defender, a fickle sports lover, an ex-problem drinker, and an unapologetic astrology follower. This is my tale of joy and woe, a play of Sun and shadow.